For a good foundation, it all starts with the compactor. Choose the right one for the job you have, from 137# to 700#. We also carry a double drum ride on roller compactor as well as concrete tools, like concrete vibrators,
power trowels, Vibra Strike power screeds, bull floats andmore.

Sod Cutters

Gas or manual sod cutters are easy to use. You can remove sod for a new garden, for underground utility work, any time you want to save the sod.



We've been helping contractors & homeowners get their jobs done—and get them done right— serving you for nearly 30 years!

We offer equipment sales and rentals for everything from light duty portable equipment to string trimmers, snow blowers, air compressors, paint sprayers and more. We can walk you through projects you have never attempted before and make you feel like a champ when you're finished. We have the knowledge and experience to help you meet any project challenge!

Quality equipment starts with quality names you can count on like Bil-Jax, Honda, MK Diamond, Wacker Construction Equipment, Werner Ladders, Bosch Power Tools, Hilti...and many more. We believe in buying once and buying well. We choose the same quality tools and equipment for rental as we do for retail. In our business you can't afford down time. We believe in tools and equipment that are worth fixing—in the long run, it will save you money!